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Dedicated to all the warriors and protectors on the front line

Heading Separator
Heading Separator
Heading Separator
Heading Separator


A small glimpse

Heading Separator
Chapter 1 This is the City—Los Angeles
Chapter 2 The Challenges of Female Officers in LAPD History
Chapter 3 Defiant Childhood
Chapter 4 Touched by the Hand of God
Chapter 5 Recruitment, Academy Training, Probotion
Chapter 6 Welcome to Foothill Area
Chapter 7 The Baby Boy and the Barricaded Door
Chapter 8 Multiple Shots Fired
Chapter 9 The Michelin Tire Man
Chapter 10 Officer Needs Help
Chapter 11 Catching the Bad Guys
Chapter 12 Mentors and Leaders
Chapter 13 The Baby Girl and the Monster
Chapter 14 Fugitive With a Gun
Chapter 15 The ATM Robbery Suspect
Chapter 16 TCourage and Leadership Under Fire
Chapter 17 Cavalry Mounted Unit
Chapter 18 Where Are the Real Leaders?
Chapter 19 Crime Victims and Emotional Devestation

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Touched by the Hand of God: In the City of Angels SEND ME!
- by Patricia L. Blake

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Meet The Author

Patricia L. Blake

Patricia L. Blake joined the Los Angeles Police Departmment (LAPD) in May of 1983. Her career as a sworn LAPD officer spanned almost 34 years. Patricia was promoted through the ranks and held the positions of acting and assis- tant detective commanding officer, patrol watch commander, and acting patrol commanding officer. She was part of a leadership team at the Foothill Division that focused on crime analysis, developing crime strategies, andimplementing cutting edge predictive policing.

Upon retirement, Patricia continued as an active reserve officer as the officer in charge of a unique mounted volunteer cavalry unit, the Valley Com- munity Cavalry Rough Riders (VCCRR). This cavalry unit was deployed in local parks, trails, and business malls throughout the city. The unit’s mission includes public outreach, crime preven- tion, education, mounted color guard for parades, evacuation, and search and rescue efforts. The unit enhances good and a partnership between police and the local community.