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Patricia joined the Los Angeles Police Department. (LAPD) in 1983. She worked field patrol at Rampart Division, where she became one of the first two female Field Training Officers (FTO’s) and the first female Senior Lead Officers (SLO’s) at Rampart Division and was recognized as Officer of the Year at Rampart in 1987. Patricia was the Officer in Charge (OIC) of several specialized units during her career, including OIC of a Special Problems Unit where she was awarded a Meritorious Unit Citation for the effectiveness of this hand-chosen team and improving the quality of life for the community. She later worked as a staff researcher for the chief of police and later assigned as an Internal Affairs researcher and investigator. She was also assigned as the OIC of a CRASH gang unit, and later supervised a highly effective Parolee Unit team. She was the Acting and/or Assistant Detective Commanding Officer at two separate detective areas.After retirement, Patricia continued as an active LAPD Reserve Officer as the OIC of a unique volunteer mounted unit, the Valley Community Cavalry Rough Riders (VCCRR) horse and rider unit. This unique civilian volunteer unit deploys their horses in public and work in conjunction with the LAPD. This unit provides public outreach into the local community and the children look forward to interacting with the riders and their horses in a safe environment. The team provides high visibility “Observe and Report” theft prevention in mall parking lots, Color Guard presentation, search and rescue and fire evacuation of horses.Patricia received her B.A. from California State University of Northridge, and an M.A. in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix. She completed the Department’s West Point Leadership Course in 2005. She was affiliated with the Los Angeles Women’s Police Officers and Associates (LAWPOA), where she was recognized for exceptional leadership, mentoring and excellence within the Los Angeles Police Department in 2015.
There are multiple dimensions that impacted her calling to put her personal testimony into writing the book. As a young teenager Patricia experienced a powerful spiritual miracle that impacted and changed the trajectory and the path of the rest of her life. It was a true Calling for her to become a police officer and to protect the innocent and the vulnerable and to make a difference. This spiritual experience instilled her absolute confidence in the existence of a higher power that deeply cares and loves each and every one of us and sends guardian angels to watch over, protect and shield our law enforcement, military, fire and medical warriors from danger. Patricia also believes God sends our police officers, military, fire and medical First Responder warriors as angels to protect those in their darkest moments of pain, devastation and grief. Patricia wants to inspire others to have hope and faith in a higher power of spiritual hope and faith.This writing also details the human emotional side of police work and the impact on police officers’ families. Patricia details the emotional impact of a selection of intense tragic incidents she handled and witnessed throughout her thirty-three year career. The book allows the reader to ride “shotgun” as field officers respond to “shots fired” radio calls, “Officer needs help” broadcasts, and dangerous combative suspects. Patricia has stood face to face and looked into the eyes of pure evil. With absolute conviction, Patricia firmly asserts that Good Versus Evil does exist, Monsters in the darkness do exist. “By God’s design -There are No Coincidences.”The book also outlines a brief overview of the history of female officers with the Los Angeles Police Department, and honors all our sisters in Blue that came before us.Patricia dedicates this book to, and honors all law enforcement officers, military, fire and medical First Responder heroes and warriors – true rescuers and angels, called and sent by God to protect and shield the innocent and the vulnerable. Patricia hopes the reader gains new insight into law enforcement, and she believes the majority of police officers are there for the right reason.
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About the Book:
The author, Patricia Lynn Blake, joined the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in May of 1983, with a career which spanned over thirty-three years. She is presently an LAPD active reserve police officer.
Join Blake as she portrays the human emotional side of police work with personal accounts of intense life and death field incidents. Live the LAPD motto, “To Protect and to Serve.” Set up perimeters, contain, chase, and apprehend the suspect. Live the calling to “get the bad guys.”
Personally glimpse the grief and emotional impact of tragic incidents no person should have to see, forever imprinted in memory no matter how hard you try to forget. Ride “shotgun” as you respond Code Three in a black-and-white police vehicle to “shots fired” calls, “officer needs help” radio broadcasts, tense vehicle pursuits, and dangerous combative suspects. Be ready for an emotional and unique ride with field patrol officers.
Blake provides a powerful testimony of a traumatic event in her youth wherein she experienced a miracle that impacted and changed the rest of her life. Make no mistake, this is an account of good versus evil.
For Blake and the majority of police officers, law enforcement is a true calling to protect the innocent and the vulnerable and to make a difference. This writing is dedicated to all the first responders and protectors on the front line, blessed by God, who sends guardian angels to watch over, shield, and protect them. These courageous warriors put on their Kevlar vests, badges, and uniforms and risk their lives on a daily basis to protect total strangers.
God also calls our first responders and military warriors in the form of guardian angels to shield and protect those in their moments of desperate need. Evil comes in many shapes and forms to deceive and defeat God’s eternal love. Believe in and recognize both daily small miracles as well as the rare life-changing miracles.
When God calls upon us asking “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” The majority of our first responder warriors respond without hesitation–“SEND ME!”
By God’s design, there are no coincidences.
Book Excerpt:
:: Chapter 7, “The Baby Boy and the Barricaded Door” As primary unit with her partner, John, we received a Code Three radio call, “Multiple Shots Fired” on the second floor of an apartment building. We obtained information from the neighbors that a husband and wife, and infant baby lived inside the apt. We made a plan to enter the front door first, with back-up officers in the hallway. Upon attempting to kick in the front door to allow entry, we discovered a heavy wood object had been placed across the door on the inside, preventing entry more than about six inches. With a sense of extreme urgency, Patricia stated to her partner she could gain entry inside if she took off my gun belt. John stated without hesitation that she was not going inside without him. We both took off our gun belts with our primary weapons in hand and squeezed through the narrow opening. We cleared and secured the front area, then able to move the barricaded furniture blocking the front door and retrieved our gun belts and allow the back-up officers to enter. All the rooms were cleared except for the last remaining master bedroom at the end of the hallway. Patricia was filled with extreme dread, it was earie feeling – during the search, during the entire search of the apt we never heard any sound from the family or the baby crying. Upon entry, we located a male and female adult lying face up on the bed, each with a gunshot to the head – with a baby about eight months old lying face up with his eyes wide open on the bed between his two deceased parents. Patricia immediately picked up the baby boy covered in blood, and held him over her uniform shirt, badge, and vest, close to her heart to comfort him. The baby was the only survivor of the murder / suicide.
Ironically, a few years later while responding to a routine radio call, she met the baby boy’s aunt, who was now raising the child. Patricia believes this was no coincidence, and God called her to that scene for a reason- to reassure her that the boy was safe and in a happy home.
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Patricia references an Old Testament Bible quote in Isaiah, 6:8, wherein the Lord speaks to the Prophet Isaiah and asks, “Whom shall I send” to give horrible news to his people. Isaiah responded without hesitation, “Send me!” – Just as our courageous first responder heroes put on their Kevlar vests on a daily basis, risk their lives and respond without hesitation, “Send Me” whenever God calls upon them to protect those in their darkest moments of desperation.
No Coincidences quote:
Patricia states, “I have stood face to face and looked into the eyes of pure evil. There is a higher power of grace and love. Always stand up and fight courageously for justice. By God’s Design, There are no Coincidences!”